Your story starts here.  

May we please cut right to the chase? Forego the clinical lingo and labels for a moment?  You’re here because you’re stuck.  You future is a fog, and every step you know you need to take feels insurmountable.  Sometimes even getting out of bed feels insurmountable. There's a deep disconnect between what you feel is possible, and what your life is now.  And that disconnect hurts.  But here’s the thing: it’s okay.  You’re not alone.  We can help.  Helping you through this is the only thing we want to do.   

We work with men and women ages 18-26 whose transition into adulthood is slowed or stalled due to struggles with mental health, motivation, or a clear vision for their future.  Struggles may manifest in the following ways:  

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Avoiding and isolating behavior
  • Self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, or food
  • Screen time abuse
  • Dropping out of college
  • Body image issues
  • Low motivation, inability to self-start

The most important criteria for admission is a willingness to invest in yourself.  Feelings of hesitance and fear of taking this leap are normal and expected.  No one ever feels fully ready for a big journey, and it always feels a little like diving in the deep end. However, the voice inside your head should at least be whispering, if not shouting, that "now is the time."   

However, our program is not for everyone.  The following are exclusionary criteria:

  • Actively suicidal
  • Significant current addiction
  • History of violence
  • Past sexual perpetration

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