An Immersive Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Informed Expedition

Our Expeditions bring Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills and concepts to life through therapeutic lifestyle, world class relational mentoring and purposeful, client driven projects.  Our focus is on teaching and integrating self regulation skills to empower our young adults to find healthy ways to navigate the challenges of young adulthood.

Young adulthood is a developmental phase of exploration and instability.  This phase may be complicated by an underdevelopment of skills needed to navigate issues of identity and values, numerous transitions in school and career, shift in dynamics with family or origin as well as peer and romantic relationships.  The following skills will be taught and practiced in both a group and individual format, with in the moment cuing and support from both clinician and programming staff.  

Emotional Regulation- Learning to change emotions and promote stable emotions.  

This includes teaching healthy sleep hygiene, nutrition, exercise and experiences of mastery.  Our young adults will learn how to create a lifestyle that helps them find balance in emotions, which reduces vulnerability to making unhealthy choices or engaging in old self defeating patterns.

Distress Tolerance- Learning how to put up with emotions that hurt but can't be changed.

Our young adults will learn how to create an emotional first aid kit, to notice when their emotion intensity increases so as to intervene and cope effectively in the moment.  Not only does this allow for reduction in unhealthy coping, but also allows for an experience of knowing and internalizing the ability to take care and sit with tough emotions, instead of engaging in unhealthy avoidance or attack behaviors.  

Interpersonal Skills- Learning how to appropriately interact with people to successfully get what you want.

Young adults experience relational stress in many relationships, including parent, sibling, peer, romantic and professional relationships.  Our young adults will learn practical skills to help build, maintain and repair relationships.  These skills are practiced among peers and staff with the guidance and support of the clinician as to provide real life application and integration of skills.  This also allows for our young adults to identify and and problem solve barriers to effective communication.

Mindfulness Skills- Learning to be in the moment rather than always in your thoughts.  

Today's young adults experience constant stimuli from both external and internal sources.  Our unique nature photography program serves as an innovative way to give an ongoing and deep experience of living in the moment.  This practice is key to increasing awareness of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, therefore empowering our young adults to observe, reflect and then respond, rather than simply reacting in habitual patterns.

Meaning-making Skills- Identifying what is really important to you so that your behavior and plans are tied to your values.

Young adults experience an overwhelming amount of societal pressure related to expectations for career, school, financial and relational success.  Social media, family norms/expectations and peer pressure all contribute to an experience of complicated development around issues of identity, values and finding a passion.                     Northwest Passage Expeditions provides an immersive, client driven experience in finding and living a life of purpose.